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Praise for poetic cafe

“Poetry and music have really never been that separate and though different, there are many similarities that need to be recognized. As a songwriter and lyricist, I have always believed that in general, the same virtues that make a good poem such as effective imagery, compelling themes, originality, and emotional appeal also make for good song lyrics. Both art forms require a skilled use of language. At a recent event at The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center called The Blues And Jazz Poetic Cafe, these ideas were explored through performance by both poets and musicians in an intimate setting. I have to say this was an amazing eyeopening and inspirational evening!” Deb Ryder

“Very interesting concept, Artists are seated on the “artistic couch”, in which discussions about arts and music questions are presented by the host. I think this will become a very important format, and will give artists, musicians and poets the opportunity to express themselves in an honest realistic way keeping an open mind to absorb new concepts and knowledge” - Henry Harris, South Side Slim

“What a great way to spend a Wednesday nite!” - Janiva Magness

“I think Jerzy George Kossek started something cool last night. It had a good vibe, and I trust my feelings.” - TJ Norton

“It was a magical night of poetry and music at Blues and Jazz Poetic Cafe.” - Jerzy George Kossek

“Fantastic! It was an honor being in the company of such great and professional artists. Top notch. ” - Syd Stewart

“All arts finally return to the same common root. A desire to feel, understand, celebrate and communicate. Throughout the evening, poets of music and verse sang,rapped and played instruments. Altogether, they gave us a cross section of blues and jazz expression that crossed boundaries to touch the same places in the heart and the soul from which they grew. Jerzy George Kossek is teasing the borders between the spoken word and the lyric and celebrating the poetry of blues in a way no one has attempted in Los Angeles. ” - Glen Doll

“The event was representative of what jazz and blues have become in this country, mostly people who grew up in the environments very much different than the origins of jazz and blues. We welcome them Lemeirt Park, those whose hearts and spirits have sojourned to commune with brothers and sisters in spirit. ” - Niki Billingslea

What is Blues and Jazz Poetic Cafe?

First Wednesday Blues and Jazz Poetic Cafe is a significant art, cultural, musical and educational event happening once a month (12 editions per year) at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, hosted by Dr.Blues Jerzy George Kossek Ph.D, Memphis Blues Foundation Keeping the Blues Alive Award multiple Recepient.

The main idea behind Blues and Jazz Poetic Cafe is to provide space, stage and forum for Artists who think that poetry and lyrics in blues and jazz matter. Each Cafe will feature: educational lectures and presentations, readings and recitations by poets, actors/actresses, open mike presentations, poetry contest, poetry and book reviews, music presentations, interviews with prominent guests, Fine Arts Gallery, Artistic Photo Gallery, Video Presentations, Screenings and Film Shorts presentations, Merchandise sales, Book sales and Donations. ​


The original "Blues Poetic Cafe" had been founded and hosted by Dr.Blues in 2007, in Poland, Europe, as the the cultural art event addition to one of the world's oldest and biggest blues festivals Rawa Blues Festival, held annually in Katowice, Poland since 1980.
The main idea behind the Cafe was to advocate for other, non-musical Arts in Blues Culture like Blues Literature and Poetry, Blues Fine Arts (Sculpture and Painting), Blues Theatrical Plays, Blues Albums Covers and Poster Art, Blues Photography and Film among others. Blues Poetry lectures and blues poetry/lyrics workshops soon followed to initiate the talent search for valuable song texts. Each Cafe had been dedicated to the literary and musical output of one of the Blues Culture Greats. Soon, one act, theatrical performances were added to attract the attention of the audience during festival intermissions and during after hours entertainment in blues clubs downtown the city.

Cafe's success

Each Poetic Cafe attracted numerous Fine Arts artists and students who, inspired by blues music artist, sketched and painted portraits of blues musicians taking part in the Festival having sometimes one in a life time opportunity to create one of a kind portrait of many Blues Greats like Koko Taylor, Junior Wells, Luther Allison, Carrey Bell, Magic Slim, Rod Piazza,or more recently Marcia Ball, Lonnie Brooks, Janiva Magnes, Guitar Shorty, Eden Brent, Otis Taylor, Eric Sardinas, James Blood Ulmer, Vernon Reid, Corey Harris, Big Bill Morganfield, Keb Mo or Robert Cray.